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Point of return
(Armbanduhr 2011) 

500 years ago the modern times began. at that time the believe in objective reality was invented, the modern science came up and the fugger decide, who became the emperor of the holy roman empire. money ruled politics, like it is now.

here in nuremberg the first pocket watches were produced by peter henlein.

first a advantage, later it was expected from everyone to be on the minute.


now it is time for a chance. since einstein we now there is no objective world, no absolute space, neither time nor matter. we are going to cross the threshold to a new epoch. many concepts will become quite similar to those in the middle ages. for instance the idea that there is no reality separate and independent from mind will come up more and more. the word was created for the growth of soles.


the postmodern watch is without a glass. Female and male differ only by the color of the wristband, and – like the middle age clocks- it has only one hand: a black dot at a rotating stainless steel disc. it will no longer be important to know the second because people will have learned to follow their hearts.

a wristwatch has become a pure luxury article.











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